Uses & Applications

How Markers Are Used

Optic Utility Markers  are generally used to easily find and locate hidden, buried, or mis-marked valves and vaults for fire hydrants, fire services and water mains, which can be hard to find.  These “Z Markers”, as they are usually called, can be applied in a number of ways.  These types of valve markers can be used at water parks, amusement parks, boiler rooms, hospitals, sports stadiums and most areas where valves are used.

Most common types of needs apply to large scale areas where valves were neither marked or identified.  Over years, many of these types of valves become hidden due to natural elements or non-identification when first installed.  Well, that is a problem of the past!  Optic Utility Markers are a great way to identify valve locations.  They can be seen at night, or in low-light areas, because of their reflective features.  They can be color-coded to fit any color combination need and can be used both indoor and outdoors.  In most cases, these Z Markers can be used in hundreds of ways!

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