About Us


Optical Utility Markers is a company owned by two individuals with over 40 years of combined utility experience.  The owners have personally dealt with the frustration of trying to locate valves and have seen the damage caused if valves cannot be shut down quickly.  They have first-hand knowledge and experience with the ease of installation and the benefits of valve markers. Optic Utility Markers was formerly known as Z-Markers.



Daniel Nunez started off his career in 1996 as a construction worker and moved into the Utility Industry a year later. He co-founded Optic Utility Marker after transitioning it from a smaller company known as Z Marker and is now, OUM.

Our vision for Optic Utility Marker is to grow it into an indispensable product that can be used globally.  It’s application as both an indicator and safety utility marker make it a unique product and that’s why we believe in it!



After serving 4 years in the U.S. Marines, Danny started his career in water utilities in 1992 and along with Mr. Nunez, who is also co-founder of OUM.

 I’ve seen the application of the product and developed full faith and confidence that our vision is worth the personal sacrifice that has been made.  Fathering a successful business will be a dream come true!

While starting their careers together and working at a mutual water utility, both gentlemen had shared a vision of entrepreneurship.